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North Oxnard AYSO Soccer Region 304


This region is made up of volunteers...

Attention New & Returning Volunteers
see below for information re: the Fall 2024

Parents just like you. If you would like to volunteer in any way, just ask anyone wearing a blue AYSO logo shirt (these are the board members) and they will direct you, even if you do not know much about soccer.

Our coaches attend age specific training clinics each season with practice times that are age specific at our fields. 

Our area of greatest need right now are referees. If you are interested in volunteering to become a referee, AYSO has referee clinics that you can attend. Won't you please consider becoming an AYSO referee? New referees are NOT expected to referee games played by our teenagers. New referees will start reffing games of younger aged children.

To Volunteer for any Board Position, email 
To sign up to Coach, click: Coach Page
To sign up to Referee, click: Referee Training Page


Welcome to AYSO Region 304! 
Attention Fall 2024 Volunteers

Updated: 7/13/2024 - Please take the time to review the following information. Thank you!

  Registering as a Volunteer
  Sterling Volunteers Background Check
  CA Mandated Fingerprinting
  AYSO Certified Volunteer Training
  Coaching & Practice Scheduler Information

Please make sure that you login to the Registration Management System (Sports Connect, formerly Blue Sombrero) with your own username. 
This eliminates many issues with the background check process and login/access issues with AYSOU.


If you register your children, PLEASE DO NOT SIGNUP YOUR SPOUSE or OTHER FAMILY MEMBER TO VOLUNTEER. Even though the system will allow it, please do not signup other individuals for any of the available volunteer roles.

Anyone who wishes to volunteer must first create their own username. You can invite them as an Additional Account Holder (this is recommended as they will be linked to your family account) but they MUST FIRST respond to the Account Invite email and create their own username.

If you did not use your Legal Name when you created your username/account ,please Edit this information BEFORE you submit your Volunteer application. The Background Check will require your Legal Name. For example, do not use Dave, Jen or Jenny, Bill or Wes if your Legal Name is David, Jennifer, William, Wesley, etc.

- Login to your account
- Click Volunteer, then click the Find Volunteer Roles button
- Select the Volunteer Role for which you would like to apply.

: If you have registered your child(ren), the system will default to display the Team Staff positions for their Program & Division. If you wish to volunteer for a different program or division, click the Show All Available Opportunities button and make your selection.

Thank you for Volunteering!

After you submit a volunteer application, if you are a new Volunteer or your background check has expired or near expiration you will receive an email from Sterling Volunteers asking you to complete the Background Check process. Please look for that email and complete this step as soon as possible.

Search Tip: 
You can search the Subject for: "Here's the link" or use other general search terms such as: "Sterling Volunteers", "American Youth Soccer Organization", or "The Advocates".

Sample eMail: 
click below to see a larger image

If you find the email and the link has expired
, you must contact Sterling Volunteers and they will send you a new email (see below for contact info).

Issues with Middle Name or Middle Initial

The system may generate a message in regards to the Middle Name and may not let you continue. If you encounter this issue, select the option indicating you do not have a Middle Name (even if you do). This will allow you to succecssfully complete the process. We will follow-up with AYSO if this results in any issues with your Background Check.

Sterling Website Login or Account Issues
If you encounter any problems logging into the Sterling website or you have forgotten your username or password and do not receive a Reset email, please contact Sterling Support. They are the only one's that can resolve those issues.


Effective, January 1, 2022,youth sports volunteers in California MUST have a Live Scan Fingerprint as required by the California Department of Justice to exclude individuals with a history of child abuse. This applies to coaches, referees and board members who spend 2 or more hours on the field weekly, 8 hours monthly or 36 hours per year and is IN ADDITION TO the Sterling Volunteers Background Check.

Live Scan Fingerprinting is done only ONCE. Your AYSO Live Scan will be valid continuously unless there is a gap in volunteer service of 5 or more years. AYSO will continue to get monthly updates from the DOJ.

The process is very fast. You will need to create an account and register through the Applicant Services website (url: for an AYSO region event ($20 billed directly to AYSO) or to schedule an appointment at a LiveScan location (you will pay $25 and can submit the receipt for reimbursement).

Note: When asked for Region Number, we are 10W304

Submit your receipt to NAME for reimbursement.
Email: TBD

Updated: 2/18/2022

AYSOU / etrainu Learning Management System (LMS)
NEW for the Fall 2022 season

AYSO has migrated to a new LMS platform which requires you to submit a volunteer application for the current Membership Year (MY) to access the LMS. If you have signed up as a volunteer for the current season please continue, otherwise please submit your Volunteer application.

Login to your Sports Connect account, go to Volunteer, then click the AYSOU button in the Volunteer Summary to launch the new LMS website. You will be automatically logged in to the LMS, a separate login is no longer required. Yay!

Note: The first time you access the new LMS, you will be asked to accept the Terms & Conditions.

If you do not see the AYSOU button there may be an issue with your account. Send us an email and we will look into the problem: TBD

: If you have multiple volunteers registered under one account, the AYSOU button will only appear in the Volunteer Summary for the user that is currently logged in to Sports Connect.

As with Volunteer Registration, each volunteer MUST login to the LMS with their own username. This ensures that the correct volunteer is credited with taking a course. For example, spouses cannot watch an online course together and expect it will satisfy the training requirement. You must each take the course.

Note: Make sure to download a pdf copy of the certificate for each course you have completed for your records. If a problem occurs and the LMS does not update the course information, this is the only way we can provide proof to AYSO that you completed the course. Without the certificate you will need to retake the course.

Thank you!

Updated: 2/14/2022

To be considered a Certified Volunteer for AYSO Region 304, at a minimum you MUST complete the following online Safe Haven courses, CA requirements (Background Check & Fingerprinting)and the volunteer(Coach, Referee, Board Member)specific training.

Safe Haven
-AYSO's Safe Haven
-CDC Concussion
-Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA)(Spring 2020)
-SafeSport(Jan 1, 2022)

Please refer to the AYSOU Courses page on our website for more information on the specific training and prior experience required (if applicable) for each volunteer role.

The2017 SafeSport Act has expanded Mandated Reporters to include adults authorized to interact with children. Due to this expansion, that includes AYSO and it requires training on child abuse and mandated reporting. Effective, January 1, 2022,U.S. Soccer will no longer allow equivalent training and has mandated SafeSport training.

The training is the full course in the first year, which is 90 minutes, and repeated every three years, followed by annual updates in the in-between years, which are 30 minutes. Youth Volunteers (under 18) are not required to take this training.
Note: This is a new course under the Safe Haven umbrella. It DOES NOT replace the online AYSO's Safe Haven course.

You will take the course at the U.S. Center for SafeSport website. (third party website)
To begin your SafeSport training, click HERE or copy & paste this link into your browser.

You will need to create an account to begin the training. Use the same email you used for your SportsConnect SSO username.

If you need assistance accessing the website, have issues with your account profile or other problem please click hereto submit a Help request through their website.

Updated: 2/17/2022

You MUST BE at least 18 years old, passed a Background Check and go to a Livescan location to be Fingerprinted. There are NO exceptions to this AYSO policy and CA requirements..

-All Head & Assistant Coaches (reqs apply to both equally) must be certified for your desired division. 
You must complete the appropriate online training course(s) prior to attending the corresponding In-Person Classroom and/or Field Session.
- If you are seeking to coach in the 14U/Intermediate or 16/19U Advanced division, you must satisfy all training and prior experience (1 Year or Season In-Grade) requirements.
- A higher level certification does not give you a pass if you wish to coach a lower division.
- If you are a Double Head Coach, you must be certified for each division you wish to coach.

Please refer to the AYSOU Courses page for more information.

Head Coach Volunteer Application

Asst Coach Request
If you are a Head Coach and know who you will be working with
, be sure to provide us with your desired Assistant Coach when you complete the volunteer application. Please make sure to have your Asst Coach register ASAP. It is extremely important to signup, submit & pass the background check and complete the minimum required online training courses as soon as possible. Training requirements are the same for both Head & Assistant coaches.

Player Requests
Generally, the Head Coach will select their child(ren) and can make a second request. Typically, the second request will be the child(ren) of the Asst Coach or other volunteer. This could result in more than two players if there are twins or siblings near in age (within the same division).

If you know your requests, please provide their names as it will assist the Registrars when they begin to form teams. You can also opt to wait until Draw Night to make your requests.

Thank you for volunteering!

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